Evento Brasoftware – Como a tecnologia de segurança e conformidade da Microsoft pode ajudar sua empresa a estar aderente à Lei Geral de Proteção de dados – LGPD.

An introduction to the SOC Process Framework and why it was developed.

DETAILS – A conversation between Rin Ure, author of the SOC Process Framework, and Mark Simos, Lead Cyber Security Architect, to provide an overview of the SOC Process Framework and its key components. Rin walks through this Azure Sentinel Workbook and provides information on how you can implement and customize it to implement and mature any sized security team or full-scale Security Operations Center, using industry standards and recommendations.

Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Secure Methodology with Shawn Anderson and Mark Simos.
This video introduces the overall reference model for a security program, how it links to digital and cloud transformations, tips on organizing and running a security program, the business asset-centric nature of security (often data-centric), and how each of the security disciplines fit together (Access Control, Security Operations, Asset Protection, Security Governance, and Innovation Security).