On this page, I put together several resources about Zero Trust to make it easy to access when I need to share with customers, partners, and the community. I hope it can also help you to find relevant content about this vital framework.

Microsoft – Six main ZT Pillars

Microsoft Zero Trust

Microsoft Zero Trust main pagehttps://aka.ms/Zero-TrustMicrosoft Zero Trust Landing Page.
Evolving Zero Trust WhitepaperEvolving Zero Trust – Microsoft Position PaperWhitepaper. Here you can also find the maturity model.
Zero Trust Business PlanZero Trust Business PlanA practical guide to implementing the
Zero Trust framework at your organization.
Zero Trust Assessment Microsoft Zero Trust Maturity Assessment Quiz | Microsoft SecurityEvaluate your Zero Trust security posture.
Zero Trust Essentials eBookZero Trust Essentials eBook (microsoft.com)Free eBook.
Transitioning to modern access architecture with Zero TrustTransitioning to modern access architecture with Zero Trust (microsoft.com)Microsoft Digital team shares their strategic approach, best practices, and hands-on learning from our enterprise-wide transition to Zero Trust architecture.
Zero Trust Guidance CenterZero Trust Guidance Center | Microsoft LearnLearn about the Zero Trust security model, its principles, and how to implement a Zero Trust architecture using the deployment plans.
Zero Trust
Adoption Report
Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption ReportThis report illuminates the path of Zero Trust adoption across diverse markets and
Microsoft 365 Zero Trust Deployment Plan (Download)Microsoft 365 Zero Trust Deployment PlanMicrosoft 365 Zero Trust Deployment Plan The only clickable deployment plan in the Zero Trust universe.


Special Publication (NIST SP) – 800-207 – Zero Trust Architecture | NIST


Zero Trust Maturity Model – Zero Trust Maturity Model | CISA


Simplifying Security CIS and Zero Trust – https://learn.cisecurity.org/white-paper-simplifying-security


Zero Trust Explained – YouTube

How Microsoft does Zero Trust – YouTube

Zero Trust Security Implementation – Essentials Series – Episode 1 – YouTube

Zero Trust Identity Controls – Essentials Series – Episode 2 – YouTube

Zero Trust for Endpoints and Applications – Essentials Series – Episode 3 – YouTube

Zero Trust for Network & Infrastructure – Essentials Series – Episode 4 – YouTube

Zero Trust for Data – Essentials Series – Episode 5 – YouTube

Understanding and Getting Started with ZERO TRUST – YouTube

Forrester’s Zero Trust Framework – YouTube

It’s Time to Prepare Your Organization for Zero Trust – YouTube

Zero-Trust Networks: The Future Is Here – SANS Blue Team Summit 2019 – YouTube

Zero Trust Architecture – Applying ZTA in Today’s Environment – YouTube

Zero Trust security: From concept to mandate